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Life Management

One of my favorite things about being an organizer is relieving people of the burden of a task that is weighing them down. You know… that thing that’s been on your  To-Do list forever? Put my attention to detail and creativity to work in ways that take organizing one step further and have more time to enjoy the things you love.

I can help you:

  • Create systems for home management

  • Learn time management systems

  • Create a system of paper flow

  • Create filing systems

  • Plan small spaces

  • Change the purpose or function of a room

  • Downsize

  • List items on Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List

  • Make arrangements for handling a loved-one’s belongings

  • Unpack from a move

  • Organize for a move

  • Decorate for holidays and parties

  • Plan special events

  • Plan projects..... and more. 



Cost estimates are determined after the initial assessment of your project.

A la carte organizing services $80 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Professional Organizing Service Packages
4 hours $300 ($75 per hour)
8 hours $560 ($70 per hour)

DIY organizing plans - Includes one hour in-person assessment, space planning, written step by step instructions, product recommendations. $250 (One hour follow up visits may be scheduled at $50 per visit.)

Virtual organizing via Skype or Facetime $60 per hour


Let's get started!

Contact Me

Tell me about your organizing needs.

Let's Meet

We meet in person, checkout the job, and discuss how I can help


We get that task off your to-do list for good!

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