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Professional Organizing

Organizing and decluttering make housekeeping easier. No need to sift through excess things to find what you need. Every item has a home, you know where to find it AND where to put it away. It’s fun to uncover the things that bring you joy. Out of sight truly is out of mind. I can organize any space in your home or office, from single junk drawers to closets to garages. 

Every organizing project includes: 

•    Decluttering – getting rid of the burden of extra stuff that is getting in your way
•    Space planning – considers the function of a room and the most efficient use of space. 
•    Organizing – giving every item a home and giving you tips on how to maintain the organized space. 
•    Donation handling – I take one van load of donations to charity. My charities of choice are Savers (benefitting Big Brothers and Big Sisters), KC Scraps, and Flourish Furnishings. 
•    Expert guidance on what to keep, sell, donate, discard or recycle and resources to complete those tasks
•    Hand holding, cheerleading and lots of laughs!

Organized Cubicles


Cost estimates are determined after the initial assessment of your project.

A la carte organizing services $90 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Professional Organizing Service Packages
4 hours $340 ($85 per hour)
8 hours $640 ($80 per hour)

DIY organizing plans - Includes one hour in-person assessment, space planning, written step by step instructions, product recommendations. $350 (One hour follow up visits may be scheduled at $90 per visit.)

Virtual organizing via Skype or Facetime $75 per hour


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