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professional organizing

Organizing and decluttering makes housekeeping easier. No need to sift through excess things to find what you need. Every item has a home, you know where to find it AND where to put it away. It’s fun to uncover the things that bring you joy. Out of sight truly is out of mind. I can organize any space in your home or office, from single junk drawers to closets to garages. 

Every organizing project includes: 
•    Decluttering – getting rid of the burden of extra stuff that is getting in your way
•    Space planning – considers the function of a room and the most efficient use of space. 
•    Organizing – giving every item a home and giving you tips on how to maintain the organized space. 
•    Donation handling – I take one van load of donations to charity. My charities of choice are Savers (benefitting Big Brothers and Big Sisters) KC Scraps and Flourish Furnishings. (would like the charity names to be linked to sites)
•    Expert guidance on what to keep, sell, donate, discard or recycle and resources to complete those tasks
•    Hand holding, cheerleading and lots of laughs!

Organized Cubicles